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Newbie Needs Some Advice

New to Ez-B and feeling my way. Picked up JD Humanoid on Friday so I figured I would share experiences to date. I also got a dev kit for spares. Using an apple mac with a VM for Windows, Couple of challenges with network timeouts, cam connection etc,. Powered on JD and had a jittery servo (support said would replace), used one from the dev kit as a spare but I had to dremel the screw connectors off on one side to make it fit. Next I destroyed the teeth on casing for the foot servo so I had to 3D print another one. Seems to work. Now ez-b is walking sort of OK (But I think it "moon walks" more than moves - project for another day).

Questions: I am having trouble sitting, standing etc, I am sure it is just a newbie calibration error (any hints). 90 degree calibration is still not that good.

I have a stack of other servo's from vairous bots, robot arms, Meccanoids etc over the years so hoping to use these, Is there a table of supported servo's / models) (either direct or via arduino ) ?

thanks all. Looking forward to having some fun.


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Is there a table of supported servo'

EZ Robot servos and JD Battery are 7.4v. Most servos are 5v and will be burned out if you don't use a voltage regulator.

Otherwise, virtually any servo is compatible from a signaling perspective.



thanks Thetechguru I have been having some more fun with JD, Think for the most part I have him calibrated so he now sits and stands etc (although he tends to turn to left when straight walking but I assume there is an art to calibration I haven't mastered yet.

Thanks for info on voltage I will make sure myservos match. I have a stack of the old MG996R and I think they smoke around 7v so appreciate the heads up.