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Resolved Resolved by bborastero!

Newbee Question: Power With Lipo

Hey guys ;-)

Yesterday, I've ordered one EZ-B v4 (standalone) for my robot-project. At the same time I've ordered one LiPo Battery (7,4V-/1300mAh).

But I can't found any documentation how to connect the LiPo to the EZ-B v4 :-(

(sorry for my english, I'm a German ^^)



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You will need one of these from the store.

User-inserted image

power plug

You can remove the plug from the large black and red wires on the battery by cutting the wires (one at a time) and stripping the insulation back on them. Place the Black wire in the new plug marked as - and the red wire in the new plug marked as +.
But is there a input on the EZ-b v4 Board for these power plug?

I think there is a red T-Plug DEAN...

User-inserted image
Okay, but I don't want to buy the power base :-D

Is it possible to tinker it? With these T plugs DEAN for example?

User-inserted image
If you don't want to buy a power base or don't have the room in your robot for the extra height you can ad a piggy tail Power cord. Just desolder the dean's pin and solder on two wires of the length you want and add a Molex or other type of connecter of your choice to the ends.
sure it depends on your own skills just don't forget to add a 20amp fuse in-between lipo and EZB
Oh, thx.. bborastero....

The soldering (LiPo / T Plugs DEAN) is no problem for me...
... but I need a 20amp fuse? But where I have to soldering the 20amp fuse?
between the battery positive and the positive of the EZB
Thank u again ;-)
Okay, what is the name of these?

Have found it:

User-inserted image
Thank u ;-)