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New Unboxed 18 Year Old Mini B

just got my lost in space rc robot at the post office today. getting it home was a bit of an ordeal, but thats another story.

First impressions, It reall looks great! the dome almost looks like real glass. the gripping claws have rubber to help them grip. I really love how the neck goes up and down as he moves, I think his proportions may be a little off, but I could be wrong. the lighting fx are cool. the cons are the drive wheels suck. it cant navigate low pile carpet well. My hasbro interactive r2d2 and my wall-e run rings around this guy. He can broadcast your voice via the rc, but this has a drawback because he picks up interference and lights up and makes buzzing sounds at random. The sound features on mine kick out now and then and need to be tweaked.

Still cosidering this brand new collectible toy for an ez-b project, just to add more playability too it. I first need to get out of my cast after breaking my wrist.

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Thank you. your old project fascinates me especially how you got the little antennas to spin around I have no clue how you even did that (in one video the old vinyl attena assembly looks intact) Cool stuff. I need time and money but I hope to make this toy a real bot.