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New Zealand
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New To The World Of Robotics

Hello everybody my name is Jesse Kissel. I live in New Zealand.

I have browsed some of the projects that have been posted and visited the forums, and I see that this community of builders and others are very encouraging and supportive, which I feel is a great place to be in for a newcomer like me.

My teacher @Tameion and I will be working on a project to make a robot arm for a fellow students' wheelchair.

Working in this forum will be part of my assessment evidence so I look forward to your interaction.


Welcome and encourage you with your project.
Hi Jesse,

Welcome ! Indeed you'll find very interesting tutorials, lost of usefull stuff and a very encouraging and supporting community. Under the all see-ing, mighty, charismatic robot guru DJ, we can ensure you lots of fun ! Good luck with the building. May the force be with you.
Welcome to the EZ-Robot crew! You have chosen a great place for robotics, my friend!:)
New Zealand
Awesome to see you getting involved in the Forum Jesse.

I hope you enjoy my class and learn a lot about robotics.
Hi Jesse,
Welcome to the EZ-Robot Community. You have found the best forum on the web! Everyone here is very helpful and each has their own strengths. Looking forward to your project.

Rex Gordon
New Zealand
Awesome Jesse... how about posting some of your Sketchup modelling work online for all to see....
Hey!......Greetings Jesse! This forum is **awesome** with a wide range of ages and robotic experiances! All are very polite and generous with what they know. Post your progress pics and any cool ideas you have!:)
Welcome to EZ Robot Jessie! ( ya know this really must be the most friendly robotics community around!)
New Zealand
I took some measurements on the wheelchair and designed this thing on Sketch-up, then made it with the 3D printer.

Edit: I am having trouble hotlinking images..
@just build it why don't you just upload the image...
New Zealand
Hey Jesse....

Look for the words Attach File at the bottom right of the page and chose your file then click upload.

You will see a line of text that looks like the line below without all the spaces
[ i m g ] / u p l o a d s / M o v i n g _ h o u s e . j p g . s c a l e d 5 0 7 6 4 9 [ / i m g ]

Your image should appear once you have saved your post.....
I have tested it here with this image on team work!

Mr Carroll


User-inserted image
New Zealand
So this was the object in the makerware program.
User-inserted image

And here it is fitting into the wheelchair.
User-inserted image

It is a good tight fit.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
New Zealand
Awesome Jesse....

I particularly want to see how this is going to interface with the ARC hardware/software.
I would love to see some more pictures or even a video please...

New Zealand
So this is early development of the idea.

User-inserted image

I am going to make something to hold the servo motor in place.
New Zealand
I've been busy making some stuff and forgot to share the pictures with you all.

So I have added some parts extending forward as seen below.
User-inserted image

I tried to put the motor in it, but it snapped one of the extended bits.
So I went back to the computer and modified the model.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

After remeasuring and reprinting, I test fit the motor only to find that the results
were the same as before.

This time I rotated it on its side and then printed, not forgetting to put a hole for
the cord to go through. Sadly though, the back of it printed strangely and so couldn't
be fitted into the wheelchair. *confused* Also, the angle that I tried to get the motor in snapped the extended bits yet again...
User-inserted image

But I got it with the next printed one.:D
User-inserted image

I made one of the extended parts have an angle on its inner part.
New Zealand
Here is an image of a 'shoulder joint' I have printed.
The base of it had risen, so the circular tube shape inside it had become oval, which I didn't want.
User-inserted image

different angle..
User-inserted image
New Zealand
Here I am showing how the motor would attach to the shoulder part.
User-inserted image

This is what it will look like when its all connected. The thing holding the motor
in that picture will be rotated differently. (This was an early print of the thing
holding the motor, so I couldn't fit it properly)
User-inserted image