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My name is Dane Estey, I'm 18 and live in High River, AB. Interests are robotics, Armed Forces, Computer Games (Specificly strategy), and other things. I am planning on buying the EZ-B eventually and of course the complete kit that comes with it to get me into robotics. As it seems and is advertised to be for learning, I plan to eventually have it running my fleet of robots. Now of course this may be cut short, depending on when I get my learners licence (I don't know why, it just isn't seeming to come to me, not for a lack of trying I assure you), and then shortly after my driving license, the Canadian Armed Forces may come down and snatch me up. But lets get onto what we're all really interested in, Robots.

Now right now, I have dreams of having all these robotic businesses and servants and what not, but just like everything else you need to start small so you can eventually grow big. The EZ-B looks perfect for what I am interested in, a single robot currently. I'm hoping by using this product it will show me what I'll need to actually be good in this field, and with its clear tutorials this is obviously the choice. I plan on eventually learning how to program the brains it's self, on a separate computer that I'm fixxing up. Baby steps get you everywhere, and as it happens so does money, and this hobby (Or job, depending who you are) Isn't to cheap, so when the money comes in, I'll post again.

Any questions or concerns you have, maybe even some tips or tricks that you choose to enlighten me with, please do respond, or get me at my email: war.rocks@hotmail.com (Unfortunately it was supposed to be WorldofWarcraftrocks, but hotmail said it was to short and automaticly changed it without my consent. As an avid history lover, especially conflict history, I know that war definitely does not rock)

:D :D

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