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New Project

Hello everyone, I need a tutorial that clarifies the steps of creating a new product. Thank you


Upgrade to ARC Pro

ARC Pro is more than a tool; it's a creative playground for robot enthusiasts, where you can turn your wildest ideas into reality.


Can you expand on the question please? Perhaps the learn section is of use, as it is full of tutorials and was designed for learning how to use ARC.

According to your usage log, I haven't seen you connect to an ezb. Please visit the learn section to watch tutorials on a variety of ezrobot products to determine which one to start with.


I tried with the learn, but i didn't find a video which represent how can i build my project .. from the software, i mean how can i build the prototype and the code to make it work


i don't wanna work with an example but i wanna create one then program it


What is your project? What are you trying to set up? It is easy enough to start a new project. It's just like starting a new Word document. Then you just start adding controls.

Some more information would be helpful in providing your solution.


My project is about a game robot game ... Ok, i'll try .. thanks