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New Powerful Simple Sensor Tech

Hey Brothas,

I think you'll like this. I found this paper sumerized this week on physorg.com of a very simple graphite sensor made by drawing on a piece of paper and attaching wires to the drawing. Then as the paper is bent it produces a very specific digital signature on an AD converter. I've created a video demonstration for it.

This will be a very low tech solution for robotic feedback for feet and joint angle feedback.

It's just a 3 inch long rectangle blaked out with a graphite pencil as described in the paper.

I taped on two wires and plugged them into the AD port 0.





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Cool idea. Your video is marked private though, so I can't see your implementation.

I like the idea! Though I wonder if using conductive rubber cord might work a little better in application. Both are definitely worth trying!
Oops, Just fixed the video. Not sure about conductive rubber cord. I doubt it would be cheaper than scribbled paper. :)