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New Motor Controller

So the new motor controller offered by DJ: This looks just like my stepper motor controller (in fact I think it is). Can this control standard DC motors and stepper motors? Does anyone have a wiring diagram for hooking it up to the EZ-B?

and I apologize for all my comments on the other posts, I was just trying to move that Robots-Suck off the page. And by the way, Robots don't suck, they RULE!!!!!!


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LOL!! That's right Bret ! Whats a mater with that guy. "Robots" Now I would buy parts from them ! I ordered some RC speed controllers I'm going to try first and if they don't work I'll get the ones DJ sells like you have:) JW


@brett.tallent - I've seen motor controllers that can control one stepper motor or two dual-direction DC motors so maybe yours is like that? What brand of motor controller do you have? Do you know who sells it? I'm still looking for one. DJ's new motor controller looks good at that price for 2.5A...


@JT - I don't know the brand - it was something I got off ebay some time ago. I still don't know how to hook up DJ's motor controller or how many ports it requires. THat will be a key issue for me as I have so few left.