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New Ez Script Command Request

hey dj sures
i need 6 commands
1-to write data to a computer serial port
2-to read data from a computer serial port
3-to enable scripts to send data to each other
4-to send data to the camera's window as RGB values
5-to read data from any window that uses movement panel
6-to read data from user in ez-script
please help!!!!:D ;) *cool* :)


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Using sdk you have the ability to write using each ports serial com however you don't have the ability to read as each port is an output thus no ability to input.
There's plenty of similar stuff for VB available.
I've done similar things ages ago. VB however uses a dll file
which makes it easy for the programmer. When you do this
directely from a bat or console you'll need to a lot of programming
Just have to understand the communiction protocals. Once you have them down you can easly program this ability into almost any application. Yes the DLL files make it easier but why reinvent the wheel when its at your finger tips.
I am not looking to do it from vb or any other as the code im looking for is a simple one just dont know it i beleave its some thing like out com1 bla bla many years ago i worked out a system for it that will alow me alot of control over many many things even more if i string the codes together like in a bat file or with mirc i have asked many and most ppl dont know and the ones that do know would not tell me but i refuse to give up on it lol
You'll want to look into the EZ-SDK, which contains all of the function commands for the C# and VB controls within ARC

Load ARC, select File->Examples and load any of the C# examples to begin
im dont want it for c# or vb as i need to be able to send direct from the comand line "dos prompt" and for some reasen i cant open the sdk samples nor can i get a program that will open them on my computer many years ago i came up with a circuit that responds to the 8 bit binary data lines of the parallel printer port
I beleave there is 255 dif combinations 256 if you inclued 00000000 but that one is useless lol and if i string them together the posabilaties are endless i wish to use it on many computers to control many many things many that are not part of robots things like my tv car lights ect if i program it with c# vb or others it will be way more complicated than it needs to be that if i do it with bat files
you can download the EZ-SDK by clicking on the Downloads link at the menu. The file is a ZIP file, and windows should natively open it. If not, you can use Winrar or Winzip.

For advanced functions, you can use the VB or C# controls. Use the File->Examples to load a sample project to start.

You can connect to the ARC via command line. View the Connection Control help in the ARC manual. Or click on the ? in the Connection control for a video help.
I can dl the ez sdk files and unzip them i just cant open them at all and what im looking for is a simple short 1 line code not looking to run it from the ARC just from the dos prompt/command line scripting it in c# or vb will be alot more complicated than it needs to be
There is no one line code for communicating through the serial port or a parallel port. Unless your thinking of just using a serial terminal to which you have to setup. For serial you have settings: baud rate, data bits, stop bit and so forth. A serial terminal allows for communications through a specified port but only if you enter the settings for the correct communication settings for the device attached to that port. This is how the ez-b communicates with your computer.
hey dj sures
please help i need 6 new commands
please please
they are very important
the one's in the first post
@hamada you can connect to serial ports and input using the C# and VB controls within ARC. View the EZ-SDK documentation for assistance. Use MSDN for applicable Serial controls.
i don't now anything about c# nor vb also i need the other commands
iam very exicited about the new update
That's an easy way to get banned.
Yuz notz Stupedz! ;-)
i am now back!
how can i use the ARC to control a robot that uses Bt serial and also an ez-b robot
i don't know anything about vb nor c# but i know c and c++ and objective-c
what data is wrote and read by the ARC to :
1-connect to the ez-b
2-control a servo on:
a-d0 0-31
b-d1-d16 0-127
c-d17,d18 1-2