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New Eu And Canada Trade Agreement

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This is potentially very good news for EZ-Robot purchasers based in the EU. If approved by the EU parliaments and Germany almost all customs tariffs will be eliminated and markets for services will be opened up.

So fingers crossed I wont have to pay additional custom charges on my EZ-Robot orders



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I am not sure this will help since the EZ-Robot parts are being drop-shipped from China, not shipped from Canada. Even their Canadian customers are paying import duties.


United Kingdom

I'm sure its covered in the 1500 page agreement document that needs ratifying but you raise an interesting point Alan and its certainly something we should all keep an eye especially as there is ongoing talks for a similar agreement with the US


Good luck talking the US into not taxing imports. We are one of the least taxed nations. As a country that seriously needs more money, I don't see this happening in the US.

I know I won't make any friends with this statement but, I for one, think we should be taxed higher so we can improve social services like health care and law inforcement. We'd acttually get health care instead of being legally required to aquire it or face a penalty. I think its safe to say that we all would have been carrying insurance if we could afford it. I currently can not afford any of these "affordable health plans" until affordable equals free or I find a better job.

Sorry to drift but, being the money hungry nation we are, I just don't see us letting anything into the country with out paying the cover charge. I hope I'm wrong but, greed usually wins out here in the good ol' U S of A. :(


Umm Antron007.

We don't pay Duty on EZ-B products. Anything which does not have an equivalent being made in the US doesn't get import duties. The US considers duties to be protectionist, not revenue.

So, you pay it on cars, but not on most electronics.



thanks for the info Alan. I just figured we didn't pay EZ duties because of NAFTA.


Our biggest struggles are:

  1. even if we could calculate the expected taxes on import, we would have to increase product cost. As is, We can keep the product cost lower because not everyone gets taxed - some sneak under the radar

  2. we have been looking into logistic drop ship located within countries. That would remove the taxes for you. But, it would drive the price up nexause we would have to pay tax on every item we import

  3. obviously we looked into manufafturing in the USA. However, there is very very little profit margin on our product that's being manufactured in china - so you can imagine how much the msrp would be if we manufactured in USA! Nearly twice as much.

Some other tech companies advertise that they manufacture in USA. And I applaud and wish we could as well. However, their products are much cheaper to manufacture and have a very high profit margin still.