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New EZ-B Compatible Products!

Solarbotics has just released a couple products that are "A" word compatible, and you know what that means, they are EZ-B friendly as well! Those new products are The Brutusbot

User-inserted image

And the EZ-B Faceplate for the Solarbotics Arduino/Freeduino Enclosure (SAFE)

User-inserted image

So if you are unsure of what to hack your EZ-B into, you could always start with a SAFE and add some servos and wheels to it, or you could mount a plush toy onto the Brutusbot Chassis as a base for your next mobile EZ-bot (just add an dual H-bridge motor driver).

I'm sorry if this sounds like an ad, I really am that excited to see more EZ-B compatible products out there so everyone has more choices in what to hack and to make easier to do so.

Here's a video of the Brutusbot Chassis in action (and yes, I am the long haired madman in the video):


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I think having post like this is a great idea! I came onto this site after reading a random website about the Wall-E DJ made, with absolutely no knoweldge of robotics and I've found when starting off the hardest part was actually knowing were to start. What parts to buy, but also were to get things from.

Purchased a Wall-E toy to make one like DJ did but was to afraid of doing anything to it incase i just ended up destroying:P Ended up getting a kit like that(but not as cool as that one!) and just tinkering with it defiantly helped greatly.
Hey Gunny, it's nice to hear that kind of feedback.

I try to put as much effort towards providing enough information to make ppl feel comfortable with building a robot. Which part do you find to be the most challenging? And do you feel there could be more information on this website? Which kind of information?

I receive feedback that the Tutorial section and all of the videos are a life saver. I also receive emails with questions that are in the video, so I direct people to it. They usually respond with "Oh! I didn't look there, thanks".

So I'm wondering if stuff needs to be more clear? It's hard when there is SO much to say:D
Solarbotics has now released another EZ-B compatible product called the DragonTail!

User-inserted image

Here's video of it in action, with a guest appearance from your favorite Roboticist DJ Sures!

This example uses an Freeduino + GVSshield, but if you wanted to use the EZ-B that's all the electronics you'd need besides a panning servo and a SHARP IR Sensor.
I forgot to mention that to breakout the Sharp sensor to the EZ-B this 3-pin JST cable spliced to one of these Servo cables (cut in half) will probably help out a great deal.
@skater_j10 Oh i forgot all about that video! Wasn't that at 3 AM? Haha, what a late night. I love that product!