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Asked — Edited

Need Help With Commands.

OK, I have worked with Marty and when I give her voice commands like robot forward, reverse, turn right, turn left, everything works fine.

BUT...... when she is chasing the Red ball, she finds it and looses it just fine. But . . . . . . when she sees the red ball she runs toward it. That is fine. But, if you move the red ball to the left or right, she keeps running forward and does not follow the ball.

Now, when she is coming toward you she will run over you before she stops. When you say Robot Stop, you have to tell her twice instead of once.

Now, if you remove the red ball completely from her view, she will stop after about a second or two. But, not fast enough if she is headed for a wall. I have told her to top after it is 6",8",10" and I finally told her after 20". But, she still runs over the person in front of her.

But, with voice commands , she does fine except for stop which you may have to repeat yourself. She SHOULD go backward if the ball gets to close and is moving toward her.

She is running on a dual core notebook with 2 gigs of ram and windows7.

My wife says to set the forward delay to less. But, I don't know how to do this. I have put the slider all the way down in the Roomba control box.

Please help before I pull my hair out, I need advise from someone with experience.

I also notice when I tell it to initialize the roomba, it turns the roomba off.

Thanks in Advance.



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I believe I answered my own question. But, I have to try it first.

I had a program that was doing 100% of what I wanted it to, except it was slow and hung up.

I removed all unnecessary items and tried to build it back up. I got my radars working fine. But , I forgot to put back to PING Collision on them, so It did not stop unless I say "Robot Stop" It had a delay and I had to tell it twice. But, I think once I get the collision working, it will do what I wish.

I am still open to any suggestions.
A Little Update. I found that she follows the ball now. But, when going forward, she does not stop unless you tell her twice to stop.

If the sharp sensors are hooked up, she will not go forward when told.

When she chases the ball, she turns, etc. But, does not stop when she gets close. ONLY when she says where did the ball go will she stop.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


I am trying to get her to drive around autonymously.