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Need Help With Teddy Ruxpin Project

Hi! I am very new to this. I wanted to do a project where I could repair my Teddy Ruxpin, and other animatronic bears. I was wondering where to start, so I thought I would start here. I would like the bears to connect through Bluetooth to my phone and computer to sing what ever I want them to. The motors in their mouth and eyes also need to be replaced. Any suggestions or tutorials? confused


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Well if you're ok using wifi instead of Bluetooth then the EZB4 (the ezb4 uses Wifi not Bluetooth) is great for this type of project... Do a search there is a couple of Teddy Ruxpin projects on here that will have lots of info to get you started...


Thanks for all the helping suggestions! WiFi sounds great, but I prefer to use bluetooth because of my limited WiFi access.



I prefer to use bluetooth because of my limited WiFi access.

The issue you will run into if you don't use the WiFi EZB(4) is that you would need to find an older discontinued EZB(3) with limited features and capabilities.

You should be able to obtain a WiFi USB dongle for your PC and then you could use the newer and better EZB(4).


If you haven't taken him apart yet, I have a few tips on removing his head in one piece. I updated the instructions here.