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Need Help To Sync 2 Rgb Led Robot Eyes

Hi everyone, getting leds to work with the ezb4 was a breeze, but getting them to work together in sync has been a tiny battle. I got them close, but not close enough.

I notice when i leave Blockly, the rgb sequence is lost and goes way out of sync again.

Its all new to me, especially Blockly, when i almost got them to sync it was great to see.

The leds are simply for the eyes, so i have one rgb led per port-D0 & D1.

Can i use the RGB animator to sync them?
I tried but didn't have any luck.
EDIT-The rgb leds have no i2c interface so thats why it was locking the ezb up.;)

Can anyone help me out with this?

If i can't use the rgb animator, is it possible to link the leds through Digital and PWM settings?


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Hi, i appreciate the reply...i have been at that page, and i can never enter code...

I can't type or paste any code, trust me i tried to do exactly what you replied with, but to no avail.
Oh i figured out how to enter the code...but my question again is...how do i make them both sync?

I wrote code for each rgb led, but impossible to get them to work together.

Sorry to ask again, but how do i check/click on 2 box's at the same time?
Figured it out, i thought i needed a separate script window for each LED, but i simply wrote the code for both leds in the one script and presto.

User-inserted image

I was very happy to have achieved that, i now just need to work out how to get the green and blue going, red is in sync but the others is taking me longer than expected..:P

Might just keep the red for now and move onto other things.;)