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Need Answers On Ping And Sharp, Please

since I did not get an answer on the other questions, I figured I would ask again and restructure the questions.

OK, I have gotten Two Pings and Two Sharp units installed. When i put my hand over them they give me a value of 255 when open and 1-4 feet when closed. All four units are working fine.

When I scan with the PINGS on the Radar they all show up red dots like they are supposed to.

When I put a red ball in front of the robot, it will seek it and follow it. It stops when I take the Red ball away , it says Where did the Ball go?

All is good so far.

Now, when the robot is coming toward you, you can say "Robot Stop" and it will stop. When you say ROBOT-Left or Robot-Right, Robot move forward, Robot Move Reverse,it will turn appropriately.

My Voice commands are working great.

I have only ONE little problem. When you tell it to go forward, it does NOT stop by itself. IT runs into the wall, equipment, you, your chairs , anything. I can say Robot stop and it will stop. But, I need it to stop autonomously.

I have tried increasing and decreasing the distances and such. The numbers come up on the screen and they are correct to stop. But, the darn thing keeps going. Very frustrating. But, it is ALMOST there. EVERY other thing is working FINE.

Desperately need help on this. Any advice, let me know.

Thanks in Advance!



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Do the ping and sharp sensors work by them selfs in context of performing the general action you wish without the other devices besides the minimum? Such as if they are suppost to stop your wheels then turn a different direction if the range is detected without having the functions of speech recognition on.


Yes, as I said in the priveous post, All four sensors return values that are great. They just don't stop the robot before it runs into things. I said to myself maybe it was a delay problem, so I let them keep on going forward, but, they just kept trying to spin the wheels and I knew that wasn't good for them.

Thanks for your reply.


Yes your saying they return values and when you run the whole system it does not stop. Have you tryed it with just using the sensors and the motor reaction? Just a thought. If it isn't stopping the motors with the stand alone sensors nothing else in the system running then you have it limited down to an area of cause. The values could be right and the motors could be running and your voice recognition can be working fine. But if there is no response between your sensors and your motors alone then atleast it gives you where the problem exists.


I am going to strip everything down and make a program with just the sonars, IRs and see if they work without all the software.


I am guessing you are using scripting? If so don't bother stripping it all down just create a new script using only the sensors and the motors and see if the motors stop according to your set distances. Have the motors run continuesly until the distance is meet then stop.


I am using the found ball lost ball script.


Well as I don't use ARC build my own c# applications I am guessing that the script does not account for the ping and sharp sensor only perhaps following the ball using tracking. I can only go off what you have loaded to the cloud from 6/7/2012. To which I don't see any applications of the sharp collision detection nor a script for stopping when the collision distance is met.


Dear Orwnic82,

The one that I downloaded to the cloud is very very old. As my program got larger, I was unable to load it to the cloud. But, I will try to attach it here:


Maybe this will help.

I want to add that this is not the LATEST version, because the latest version is on my robot and I cannot get to it just yet. But, as soon as I do, I will update this upload.

Thanks for your help.