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Asked — Edited

My Software Friend Told Windows 9 Is Comming Soon

I woulder if its gong to be better then windows 7 or windows 8
He is a software guy hired by microsoft to check out mostly operating systems ,before the hit the market

SO i woulder will it still work for EZB ,he said so far it looks better,but until he gets a copy of it and tell me about it i guess we have to wait

and i guess after its out windows 10


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That that what he said it called i forgot to add that called BLUE,and yes he is getting a alpha release soon WIDOWS 9 is just a old name they had for it
He told me it going to be late on winter OF 2013 of some problems with it .plus his feedback and others too

HE doesnt think it will be much better ,just only at a selling point mostly ,microsoft it starting to lose sales,one main reason a new one come comes out ,besides to fix a few of the bugs that other windows operating systems have,but the keep saying they fix the bugs and yet it still has some
also RICH what do you think about windows 8 compare to windows 7 ,since it out
i know RICHMR is like you about software and he said he doesnt like it
United Kingdom
You still don't get it even after explaining, this is hilarious!.. I'd give up but it's just too damn funny...
Seems to me we've had a name change here and a face added to our resident tech support hero.
i do get it RICH VERY WELL

I thinking my friend is not talking about a update to windows 8 or may he didnt tell me at the time not shore
It was over 2 months ago when he told me about it,soi he may have it by now

might be another version thats comming out also,will need to email him and ask the question

i read very very well whats other said and understand it very well,not a kid LOL
But not very old too well under 50
United Kingdom
Yes Dave, I noticed the option when uploading my pic yesterday so decided to drop the MR2 part. I guess it was enough to cause some a little confusion (is it wrong for me to enjoy that confusion?)

There is no information on anything after blue. Blue is an "update" but probably an update as Windows 98SE was to Windows 98... It's not Windows 9, it's more like Windows 8.5.

And Fred, he wont have an alpha, if he does then he will have broken the law. If he speaks to you about the update he has broken contract. Unless he is directly employed by Microsoft and part of the team working on the OS then I call shenanigans.

Windows Blue update has been public knowledge since October/November time. It was reported on many websites back in December.

The main thing is, it should support ARC right out of the box without a problem.
United Kingdom
A bit more info that has come from a reliable but anonymous source, Windows blue is the codename for not just the Windows 8 update but for all Microsoft products (office, outlook, skydrive, windows phones, server etc etc).

Like I said though, its all very secret. And me employees will not be giving away too much if they value their current employment.

its all an effort to keep up, it was a 3 year wait between 7 and 8 which is just too long these days.
will find out from a very good source on it,
mostly thats same with all editions of windows ,they dont want others to know till its release

Most likely he will say about the same as you , and i bet if he tell me a lot more info about it, i have to keep to my self or he will get in trouble plus me if leaked out.

He would no alot more plus problems he see's wrong with it,same with windows 7 awhile back,when he lived near me,i had a chance to see windows 7 few months before anyone could by it or any OEM company had it.
DAVE i think there are 2 different GUYS ,one name RICH and other named RICHMR2
But i could be wrong it seems like the same guy

Sorry RICH i was wrong i check on of your posts on you heroid robot and it is you

I new you could change you face didnt know if you can change your name too

I is kinda weird a little when i added info and made comments about my writing and other stuff it sound like same guy only thought it was 2 different guys living in UK
Its nice to see a face with the name rich , I've been sick for a week or so. I'm back now;)
United Kingdom
I had wondered where you'd gone Josh, good to see you back.

And Robotmaker, it's not the same with all versions of windows, this is their most secretive one yet. News of it has only been kicking around for 3 months or so, it's due for release in 4 to 7 months, usually this close to a windows release it's already available for public beta testing.

If the rumours are true though it's not going to be a popular update and will give Steve Ballmer even more stick. Windows 8 tries to turn a desktop in to a tablet, Windows blue is set to keep the new start screen, lack of start button and all of the gimmiky rubbish... not a smart move.

I can see Windows 7 remaining to be the number 1 most used OS for a few years yet.
Some people i know dont seem to care for it,and you and dont know what others like it or not windows 7 ,so it may not be #1 as you think it is

but that your opinion to say its #1

its just like i said all along about the different versions off windows,they just make a new one onlt to make money,just like the BLUE they just making changes like the button and the color

I see also what you said is just what the internet site sayts ,may be thats where you got your info too
i can post the link

JOSH welcome back glad to see you well again,good to see some of your great projects you are working going to get done soon,omnibot and the fish tank my favorates

trying to get some of my johnny five before my last long work trip,good to retire early in life
United Kingdom
In August 2011, Windows 7 had a 42.76% market share, a fraction of a point more than Windows XP's 42.52%. Windows Vista sits at third place with a 6.15% market share, followed by Mac OS X 10.7 and Mac OS X 10.6 with 2.45% and 2.38%, respectively.

That's not opinion, that's fact. Nowhere did I even imply it was my opinion, learn to read for crying out loud!

This may show it more clearly for you;
still didnt meen anything,since nobody buying much of windows XP anymore because of the support is ending,in next year windows xp will be a lot lower.

BUT still not many people really like it,even i better expert then you said its not great,and thats what it does for a living test software for microsoft.

And he says the same about windows XP too
United Kingdom
Right, either I'm not translating the babel correctly or you are arguing with actual statistics... I give up, I really do.
yep me too,last post from me on this its pointless
That was entertaining and informative! Hey RichMR, tell Rich that the Babel fish tend to die if overworked! LMFAO!