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My Roborad V2 Robots

I started on my roborad it has rad base with a robosapien v2 body

i am making 2 different versions ,one is a rare blue robosapien with a red RAD 2.0 base second is a white version i am going to paint and using rad 2.0 body Still need to find more projects for my 3 RAD 2.0 ROBOTS I HAVE LEFT

I BOUGHT 6 robosapiens and one is a red chrome mark tilden robosapien version and another is a very rare BLUE ROBOSAPIEN v2 VERSION

Soon as i get my BLUE robosapien v2 version in will post photos

next project is FEMIRAD with femisapien v2 robot

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yep,there is a lot of screws in robosapien V2 more then robosapien and to get to the board you need to remove both front and back shell,not like on robosapien

took me while to take the black and white one apart,when i get the blue in going to be the same


Bret or anyone else,looking to paint my black and white robosapien v2 i am thinking a white body and where the black was ,use RED and my RAD base will be blue

on the other ROBORAD V2 robot i am leaving it BLUE but making the RAD base RED


here is my army of robosapiens,only 2 missing my blue robosapien v2 i havent received it yet, and my black and white robosapien v2 i took apart User-inserted image

also have the same amount of RAD robots too ,mostly all for hacking except for one complete for restoration and display,same with 2 or 3 of my robosapiens,RED CHROME mark tilden version is one of them .

Whats great about using robosapien v2 version instead of robosapien model besides it bigger it that has hands not claws and maybe the camera inside can fit the bluetooth camera instead.


The V2 Robosapians have a very bad problem with the plastic coating on the wires rotting off. The power wires and many others rot to the point of no return. I took out all of the neck and arm motors and used servos for the new arms and head I made. I am working on controlling the leg motors to make the robot walk. But getting a 3d printer may change everything as I will be making my own humanoid body from head to toe in 3d print and rebuild him the way I want him to look. I wish they had made a large Femisapian as she walks nicer and looks very cool.


thats the one i am looking to get also,robosapien v2 needs a girlfriend


I will be building my red female robot humanoid once I get my 3d printer. She makes a good friend for any robot over 2 foot tall. (Over 61 cm) User-inserted image

Her name is Jen.


i am looking at my my design too,since i have a robot machine shop,lathe ,mill and also every machine made for making my robots I have all the machines except for a welder for welding aluminium,witch i am getting very soon


here is the big blue guy ,robosapien V2 next to the army of robosapiens ,he is very big 22 inches compare to 15 inch ones,but i like his hand instead of a claw.

User-inserted image

he is my second robosapien v2 i bought,not painting him,going to use a RED RAD 2.O BASE


I hack my black and white robosapien V2 apart and it took me awhile to remove the hand to make a greedy hand that DJ made a example of using IR to detect a object in hand

On robosapien models they use a cable to open and close the hand and in the design it doesnt open fully.

So i am designing my own design using the cable,i look at servo to pull the cable ,but all was too big or didnt have enough torque.

So what i found is very small 6 volt actuator that fits perfect and the stroke is perfect

Stroke needed to close hand is .75 inches and the actuator has .79 inches torque is 220 inch per pound ,not bad

WILL post link and photos of hand ,and on the placement of the IR sensor in the inside middle of the hand,plenty of room and still the hand will grab any item including a soft drink can or glass.


Cool blue V2 The V2 hands are very cool, too bad the wires in the robot go bad. I have a red V2 that once worked perfectly. I am using an old white V2 for part of my humanoid. Once I get a 3d printer I may just print the whole robot and add the servos to make him work.


I am looking to buy a 3d printer too,so far the cables are good on these too only one robosapien v1 version and i bought a broken one to fix it


WELL i did somethinking on my ROBORAD V2 designs ,one going to be a party ROBORAD ,little like BRET'S roborad design,other i might be a party server and serving drinks

When i get back from long trip to china for work in week and will be my last day at work and i will have a lot of changes on my robots,will post my photos when i have them done about that time

NOW can be a full time ROBOHOLIC


WILL be posting some more photos this weekend


I started on the RAD base i did a ruff cut for the speakers ,and laser show,3 " plasma ball like BRET'S ROBORAD design only mine will be sound activated.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


TODAY i started on the laser i took it apart and making a change to use a audio input ,looking to add bluetooth audio amp


Robotmaker hasent been around for a long while. Seems he stoped showing up about the same time the new web site came online. I think he was banned for being to disruptive. Too bad we could not find a way to get along becaues he had some good ideas worth discuessing.


I entirely agree with you Dave! Everyone has ideas that are valuable its just when one person becomes disruptive by being argumentative it can be too much and not accepting good advice...its just too bad really :(

United Kingdom

It is a shame, he was knowledgeable but unfortunately this outcome was the only solution left. He had ample chances and many (and I do mean many) people trying their hardest to help him however everything failed. I assume the EZ-Robot staff come to the conclusion that banning was the only option left.

I think some members are still in contact with him, they may be able to give you his contact details if you want to get in touch with him.


@Rich 100 percent in agreement! and you tried your absolute best to your credit:)