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My Robokind Robot Project

I just got a very cool robot in called robokind ,its about 15 inches tall,shots discs ,walk sounds,head turns,dances and fights by RC control,cant wait to hack for EZB
in place of his disc shooting mouth ,might be a good place for a camera

User-inserted image

$40 on ebay or less ,not a bad price
first test is to test each function it has ,and then HACK TIME


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also got the name wrong its called ROBOKID
also looking at instead of the camera in its mouth,looking at audio controlled vu-meter and on top place my ez camera
I TRIED the functions very cool,lights in chest and eyes changes color and with sounds for backing up and reverse and left and right,he dances very cool,legs move back and forth as the wheels on the bottom also moves.

also has 12 programs
I started to take apart ROBOKID and monday will post photos of it,it has plenty of room for EZB and servo's,need to get a few servo's and tilt bracket for the camera
The poor little guy is all part at home waiting on me to get back and work on it,soon in about 6 days will be home and working on this project AND many others

FIRST will be my digital interface boards and my mosfet switch design,so will be putting up many photos ,may be a few per day.

It will be the first robot design to use EZB
I think that I have the cousin to your robot. I won it at a raffle many years ago. It has no name on it, only "ABL Innovations Co." This one also shoots discs the same way. The last time that I put batteries in it, all of the sounds worked, but it did not move. Perhaps one day I will EZ-B him, but I have my hands full right now.
User-inserted image
WOW he looks great,EZB should work great in him,beening in CHINA kinda sad i miss biulding my robots
I think i love building robots more then anything ,getting to close to 80 robots now.
DJ will check out your project ,it might be ideas for mine
I've seen that video before but didn't realize what was inside of it. Instead of eating cookies, you could make him shoot them out.