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My Omnibot 2000 Project

i just got my omnibot 2000 from JOSH while back and got a chance to take him apart and start the modding :D :D
first i am working on the base,i am adding tracks with floor inserts,so that he can move on tile floors and carpets.,these tracks are easy to use and add on and can move up to 60 lbs,will be posting photos ,parts lists in a few days
software using will be my AI SOFTWARE

my software

i guess will tell you the tracks i am using its from VEX ROBOTICS

vex robotic tracks
now if using a floor and carpet or rugs or both

vex robotic tracks upgrade

for up to 60 lb load need 4 motors if 30 lb 2 motors

vex robotic high torque motors

plus frame kit and few parts
whats great about this design if you dont want tracks add wheels very simple change
so you are looking at a universal wheel design
add-on latter are optical feedback
this design fits perfect without many changes to omnibot body
i have tried lynxmotion tracks,but lot of changes then need to make a track base
not universal and not great on floors,i have both track designs


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So any progress on the omnibot 2000. If you arent doing anything with the omnibot 2000 arms I would love to buy them...
yes using the arms,i just got back from my trip,and looking to work on the aluminium frame
making it so ,its very easy to remove the panels for upgrades or repairs,like the way HEATHKIT HERO is made,plus bought 2 more robots ,one is sony AIBO that sells for $2500 AND OTHER KINDA LIKE HIM
will post photos in a few days
i have the arm gear box done for both arms ,next is to make a aluminium frame to mount them
next is hands and elbow,design kinda close to the terminator,but using a plastic skin wrap around a aluminium body,each of the plastic panels will be easy to remove and all electronics and sensors will be attached to the aluminium frame
will post photos in a few days
arms can lift over 200 lb each ,but using much much less,need add a gear box for the feedback pot
bearings fit pefect in shoulder
started making the frame ,i cut the peices ,now as soon as i get my machine shop tools in ,can finish it
mostly waiting on my belt sander to come in tuesday,rest of the 16 other machine tools comming in before christmas,my milling machine came in last friday

so hope to post photos before the weekend
update on my omnibot progress,i got my table belt sander in and my grinder in today a lot early then they said
so first thing tuesday morning will sand down my plastic peices and my aluminium angle for my body arm frame ,and use rivets and tap holes for some screws
should be able to post PHOTOS wednesday
the motors above are mounted to the frame
looking not to mount any sensors ,lcd or boards to the omnibot plastic shell ,instead mount to my aluminium frames,this way the covers come off super easy for quick repairs or adjustments
I was looking at your parts list for the tread base that you made for your Omnubot 2000 and the pictures. Where did you get the 4 large plastic spacers that hold the center base to the tread structure? There are two in the front and two in the back. They are not listed in your parts list.
i guess you meen the arm gear box,that white spacer is a gear for my feedback pot 1-1 ratio
i did change it it use a little bigger gear,since they are ony the size i had at the time.

it will have a plate on the top of the gear box and the pot mounted off to the side of the gear box

or the tracks design using the green rollers,they come with the TRACK TREAD kit it uses 2 rollers on both side,from vex robotics part # for tread tracks is 276-2168.

looking to get back to workng on the design,also making a lynxmotion johnny five project i need to try to get most of it done first,but while waiting for parts i work on this project too.

getting for a update of my aluminium box to hold my arm gear box on
These shoulder motors look really good! How fast do they move 90 degrees?

(fyi mean not meen. Not a word.)
NOT shore yet havent tested them for arms you dont need a fast motor unless he is throwing a baseball

but is using a 10 rpm motor and gear box is 30-1 ,so its .333 rpm and at 750 oz stall torque at 30-1 is 22500 oz then divide by 16 oz its 1406 lbs its stall torque,i can easy change it for a faster motor with faster speed and lower torque the sell many if the speed doesnt work good .

WHAT great about using this design then a servo gear box it hold the arm at any position and uses so much less in current stall current is 1 amp,cant find that on the best high torque servo its mostly 3 amps stall or more
I was talking about the track design. If you look at the front view, you have the middle steel structure, than a gray plastic piece (looks like an inch or so wide), then the tread with steel beam and the rollers. I circled the parts in yellow in the picture.
User-inserted image
oh.they came with the vex robotics kit they dont sell any more,they have other metal pieces that can take the place of it,under frame parts

its like this one they sell and in many sizes

User-inserted image

or this one

User-inserted image
If you do a search on ebay for vexplorer you can get the one i have for near $60 complete only need to change the wheels to a track design or make one using the parts in my parts list only it wont have the plastic corner pieces.

but just extend the cross piece out it more to connect to the other cross beam
also the sell corner gussets ,that might work too

They dont make the vexplorer design any more
I would like a gear arrangement like that if I could get 90 degrees in about 1 second. That would work for me since I'm not really lifting anything but its own arms. I know you have plans to do more with yours.
(sure not shore) ;)
check the precision motors they have at servocity,many types of RPM output
wont be able to post any updates,since going on my last trip for work till end of march ,after will have full time to work on my robot projects
BE comming home in a few days and will be adding photos as i make more changes to my design.
Looking to have more photos up monday,so stay tuned