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My First Stl!

So, for a practice I decided to make a case for the ping sensors in the store. this meant I needed to make a model of it to make the case. Here's the model I made(STL):


Will post progress of case on this thread.


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Done! Forgot to remove a part from the bottom so I fixed that. Added screw holes. Any recommendations or changes?


User-inserted image

If anyone wants to test it feel free and tell me how it works!
hi all loving all the 3d stuff a good way of passing time till our V4s arrive here is a very accurate model sonic sensor I found on trimble sketchup
wow! well, I'm just starting so nothing that advanced yet.
It's ok Tech. My research indicates that as far as 3d printing, at our/diy level goes, the simpler the better. Sure, bborasteri has some awesome looking parts. I haven't looked at them yet beyond the renders TBH but, they look like great 3d representations of the ping sensor we all know and love. But as far as printing them goes the simpler the better. Your plain ole' basic stl will probably print out great. Don't be down on yourself none. You have a great mind and have constantly impressed me. You already have more advanced skills with 123d in a week than I have in months so, don't beat yourself up too much. OK Buddy? BTW, any updates on the creeper coming up soon? Or is it on the back burner like my E2Z2?

@bborasteri- Those are some pretty files. I'm not trying to discredit your work by any means but, I guess you kind of stolen Tech's thunder a bit. I understand your intention was purely to share relevant info, it's just that TechnoPro is still a youngster (to me) and I want his enthusiasm high and positive so he keeps up on the hobby and I can invest in him in the future. I think he's going to go places.;)
I'm so very sorry if I offended anyone, I was just trying to show that there are easier 3d programs out there.
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@Techno, a good start. There is a little bit of a hole in the ping sensor which you really should pay attention to as knocking little things like that on the head early on will make a huge difference with your designs later on. Other than that it's good work, keep at it.

@bborastero, I've been using AutoCAD and other Autodesk products professionally for around 15 years now, I've tried out most of the 3D cad software (with the exception of solidwork as I can't get a decent trial version) and personally I use 123d regularly over the software which I have paid over £2,000 for due to it's simplicity and ease of use. I have tried sketchup and couldn't get on with it. Point being, you may find sketchup easier but it isn't the case for everyone:) I'd always advise people to try everything and see how they get on with it but ultimately I'd recommend 123d over anything else for basic 3D cad work (for more advanced stuff I'd recommend AutoCAD2014 and Inventor however I'm sure others may recommend SolidWorks or some other CAD software).
@bborastero- None taken friend. I do appreciate the sharing. I started out using sketch-up but had issues importing the stl files it produced into ARC's Bit Builder. I then tried 123D and never looked back. I'm actually about to try some other programs here real soon. Blender for one. The names of the others escape me at the moment. I know Blender isn't easy but I see it mentioned a lot in the 3d printing forums.
That's awesome @Technopro! Nice work. Your ping sensor placeholder looks really no different than the one i made for designing the revolution parts :). What @Rich said about keeping good habits in your design is really good advice. Keep in mind he doesn't mean everything needs to be super detailed. Something like a placeholder only needs to be detailed where it is important. Time spent on a placeholder is time taken away from your actual part.

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Yep, I didn't mean go for super detail (I tend to because I get carried away, just look at my MG90 servo place holder to see what I mean). In fact, my version of the ping sensor place holder is pretty much two cylinders on a cuboid with another smaller cuboid for the 4 pins and that's pretty much it.

The small hole I mentioned was probably due to the way it was drawn and (and I will do a quick video when I get the chance) the way I use 123D would avoid that happening, it's also a very simple method, although I wont claim it's the best as I don't know.

But as I said before, everyone has different methods and I am sure Cory, Ant, bborastero, Antron etc. all do things a different way and differently to how I do things. It's finding what works best for you really.
Both examples of the sensor holder look 100x better than the one in the Store! (http://www.ez-robot.com/Shop/AccessoriesDetails.aspx?prevCat=106&productNumber=1309)
Could I suggest the male part of the clip'n'play adaptor incorporated on the back so that it could easily hang off any revolution robot?

The store should really have a male version of the clip'n'play adaptor plate (http://www.ez-robot.com/Shop/AccessoriesDetails.aspx?prevCat=109&productNumber=1355) so you could easily attach anything yourself