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Hong Kong
Asked — Edited

My First Robot Project

I bought a Brookstone rover revolution ( http://www.brookstone.com/rover-revolution-wireless-spy-vehicle ) last week. I understand that it is currently not supported by EZ robots and I really hope it could be supported in a few weeks.

Back to my project, I want to programme my rover to follow an object on this own via its camera and understand several speech commands. Can it be programmed via EZ-robots? I dont mind writing some lines of code.


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At this point DJ(CEO of ez-robot) Is trying to make the rover 2 compatible. it takes a long time to make these things compatible.
Hong Kong
Thanks for the information. Just hope that supporting rover 2 implies supporting rover revolution as well.
I think that they use different control types, so each has to be individually hacked and then DJ has to add support to ARC for it.
Hong Kong
BTW, do you EZB could allow me to program the rover as I described given that it support rover revolution later.