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My Ezb V4 Whites Out. A Lot

so basically, any time I move my robot (say, to a standing position from its sitting down position when its off) it whites out the ezb. I have the ezb running at 12v and a splitter also running at 12v. Any ideas whats happening? It works until I move more than 2-3 dynamixels at once.


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What is the amperage of your battery and what is the amperage rating of your servos?


the dynamixels can run from 9v-12v (im running twelve) and the v4 is currently hooked up to a wall socket (with a 12v plug for the splitter AND the ez-b)


So what is the power supply amperage rating that is plugged into the wall?


I suspect that attempting to operate three servos at the same time is exceeding the amperage that the wall wort can provide.

I don't know which servos you're running but even the small ones use about 1 amp to operate.

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1800mha wall outlet? I doubt it is able to provide 1800mha of hardware required current (i.e. motors). A wall outlet is usually made for transistor applications (i.e. computers, routers, etc) and not able to power motors - specifically when they are moving back and forth often, like a servo.

Switching Power Supply adapters are the only recommended wall outlet converter I can recommend.

PS, Dynamixels are pretty hungry for juice because they're tough little guys!


You would need to calculate the total amperage of all your servos and then either locate a 12 volt battery pack that can supply the needed amperage or as DJ mentioned a switching power supply with a amperage rating higher than what is needed to operate your robot.


okay, I've dug up the original bioloid battery pack which will hopefully power the servos (I think the ezb will be fine on its own still hooked up to the wall as it doesn't actually power the servos)

wish me luck