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My Current Dewy Drive Train Setup + Info

Ok. So. People who might be unsure how they're supposed to connect h-bridges to the ez-b V4 will wanna check this one out for an idea.

I made this video to show people how my Dewy drivetrain is currently setup. If it helped anyone, let me know! If I was wrong at any point in the video leave a comment on it.

Thanks guys, And I hope it helps! Tech.

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@Techpro, Very good tutorial on h-bridge with v4. J

P.s. I will make a video with three h-bridges same wiring to each h-bridge and v4. J



Thanks J. Thought I would post it cause I forgot to a month ago... blush:D


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As you see in the picture three h-bridges, they are all on.

User-inserted image

from another angle...

User-inserted image

in this shot please note the six bolts. From each h-bridge 6 wires, each bolt has four wires, 3 in and 1 out. The out goes to the ezb v4 controller. This way only 6 ports on the ezb.

NOTE: you could use something else in place of h-bridges... but that is what I had with my ezb v3 controller.

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I use these battery packs, GB can carry six and I still have room to carry other stuff. Like jd sitting on GB or six.

If you have questions, leave reply.