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Multiple Cameras?

Is there a technical reason why ARC can only support a single camera control? I have more than one camera, and I wanted to have different things happen depending on what the camera sees. ie. seeing a specific color or glyph, it would follow. Motion, it would track, but not get too close, and a face would start a whole different set of actions including triggering a VB script which would email or SMS me so that I can remotely take over manual control (should not see a face if I am not home)

I haven't looked too deeply into scripting, so this might be possible with only one camera, but would be easier with two controls I think.



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As far as I can tell you, you can connect to the ez-b using your computers bluetooth then use a dongle for the camera, using a second dongle for another camera should work. I haven't worked around in ARC too much, maybe DJ can give further input.
Would be cool to support stereoscopic vision. That's where the right camera is the primary and left is only there to measure difference in two video feeds to determine depth, recognize objects agianst a back ground not just colors and lastly distance estimate calculations.
It would be awesome for DJ to add object recognition for stereoscopic view and use that in place of sonar sensors. That and seeing objects and identifying their edges could aid in floor mapping and object avoidance. Also motion tracking would be improved.
@Colin, The issue is that ARC currently doesn't allow a second camera control to be opened.

I know I can have multiple cameras on the computer, because I do already, but I can only use one at a time with ARC.


And yeah, Stereoscopic vision could be used for some really cool capabilities.