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Mqtt And/Or Amqp

Any chance that the EZ-Robot software will support MQTT or AMQP? It would be great if it acted as the broker or as a client.


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Someone is working on an mqtt plugin. Feel free to jump in to community contribution and create a plugin as well - there's a great tutorial on it. (Although you already know, this is for new users):)
I wish I had know how, time and energy to do it...Your smarter and younger:)

I brought it up since you guys have the IoTiny now and MQTT is used a lot with IoT devices/boards/software.

Oh, quick question, how does the Intel Joule play a role in this, as I think it was being display at the Intel booth, but I may be wrong on this.
Now that the EZ-B's have upgradable firmware, i have been looking into a MQTT service. It's unfortenate that there isn't a good standard on the data within the MQTT protocol for IoT devices yet.... there's about 5,000 standards it seems haha. I'll have to choose one service to support.

The Intel Joule was an EZ-B v5 POC (proof of concept) and is not a product at this time. If it were to be, it would make an EZ-B cost close to $300 due to it's price tag