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South Africa
Xuven with the version4 of the ezb it comes with a built in speaker and if you already have the version 3 then click on learn on the ez robot website the go to hardware tutorials and then click on MP3 trigger you can purchase it from sparkfun
I have the MDfly unit and the one on ebay is very similar. Since there is only one comm port on the EZ-B(3) and it is Xmit only you will only be able to send commands to the player. If you only need a single comm port then this can work with your EZ-B(3). I have built test audio files and loaded them into a SD card that then plugs into the MDfly unit then sent commands to play each of the files using the D0 port. You can store up to 100 audio files for playback.
@ Doc Thanks for the info. I decided to go with a sparkfun mp3 trigger after finding a good deal on one.