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Mp1584en Dc-Dc Buck Converter


I am working on Roomba and InMoov projects. I needed something to step down power from 12VDC for sensors on InMoov and Step down power from Roomba to EZ B. Thought I would throw this out since there has been a lot of help for me on the Roomba project in the community. I use eBoot Mini MP1584EN DC-DC Buck Converter Adjustable Power Step Down Module to do both .. very cheap. I buy 6 pack for $9.50 US from Amazon.

The enclosed picture is one installed inside the bottom of a V4 for Roomba. Using this I do not have use an external power supply. 3amp max on these units.

Note You need to adjust before using. On InMoov I use for Ultra sonic sensors connect to V4.

I do not sell but may be useful to someone.

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@jackphillips1953, Looks good. I’d be interested in some details on your Roomba project

Thanks for the tip



Hi Fran,

Been following you actually on this project. great job. I will be connecting Roomba with Alexa this weekend and my ISY 99. This Roomba is for testing. I will be setting up others with esp8266 WIFI so I can have them work with me having to control them. I have integrated InMoov on ISY and Alexa for simple tasks already. After testing on this Roomba I want to find a useful purpose form him. Not sure yet. Some type of automatic home automation. Maybe security, maybe plant watering.. not sure. Ideas? I will be post some videos hopefully next week.

BTW The Mp1584en need calibration before use but it is small and very useful especially when using 5volt power supplies.


Hi @jackphillips1953, I like your idea of a house plant watering Roomba...:)

Have you seen this link where several of us are discussing telepresence Roombas?

My personal project is a remote family caregiver telepresence Roomba for my Aunt in her 90's

She is familiar with FaceTime but has limited mobility and would like to have the unit come to her instead of looking for her iPad. I would also use it to locate her

My main concern is that it be dependable and not require her to plug in to charge or push any buttons.

I know there are commercial ones available for $2k, but what is the fun in that?

Regards, Frank



Yes I have been following and considering myself. I use to use Rovio and still I am running but support for voice gone in Android and Win10 doesn't support audio or video. Android supports audio. This was a great cheap way to telepresence and cannot understand why the product was stopped as well as the support. You really have to hack to get one to even run.

You may be able use old IPad or Droid unit with Skype or new app I just started using on Android is Duo.

The biggest problem with EZ Robot is you need to use with a PC to get full features. I use the Mobile app but no two way communication yet unless some one has a plug in I do not know about. Otherwise you have to do what you guys have been trying to do, use an app like FaceTime. I would love to do this InMoov also. I really wish we had a plug in for other cameras besides just the EZ robot also for that problem.