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Motion Tracking Question

Just set up my camera and it works great tracking color and facial, however it does not track objects no matter how many times I configured it. I followed the tutorials and in setup and read as much in the community forum but still no joy.


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NEVER MIND, just went out to my pawn shop and picked up a HP mini laptop (no cd drive type) with windows 7 starter. Now voice rec works great and the web cam on the laptop tracks motion, color and face with no problem. I am sending back the mini-itx board and power supply (unless some one wants it) and I will be installing this laptop in my robot. DJ I love this thing you made. :-)
United Kingdom
That would be the problem when you are facing quite a tough build and not have your motion tracking not working. I do not see anything wrong with it for it to merit a not working hardware but that might be because of faulty or loose joints and connections that is really common if you have hardware that moves stiffly. You might want to check on them out just to be sure with it.
what mini-itx board & power supply you got?
ASRock E350M1 AMD E-350 APU (1.6GHz, Dual-Core) AMD A50M Hudson M1 Mini ITX