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Mono Sdk Updates?

I picked up a JD when I was passing by your office a few months ago, and I'm at the point where I'd like to do some serious software development with it. I'm on both Mac and Linux platforms, so I've been using the Mono SDK. I'm new to C#, and I noticed that many of the more interesting features of the Windows SDK, such as speech synthesis and face detection, seem to be missing from the Mono version.

Are there going to be efforts to update the Mono version? It seem the latest dates back from December 2014. Or am I using it incorrectly?


-- Geoff


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The mono sdk is limited due to the mono framework. Operating System specific features (such as the ones you listed) do not exist in the mono sdk because there are dozens of operating systems and that each would require a great amount of code. Also keep in mind that the Universal Bot will also compile in the Mono Framework if you wish to create your own branch library with features for specific operating systems.

It could also be benefial to create a plugin using the ARC open framework.