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Mobile Interface In Fullscreen For Windows Tablet

Hi @all. I have no Android tablet. I have a mobile phone, but I find the controls too small. Can not you implement a mobile test mode? I would like to be able to use the mobile app in Windows10. Including the switch between the layers of several windows as in the app.

Is this possible or planned? Not everyone has Android, So I hope for support.

The mobile interface is perfect. Thank you very much

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The mobile interface is in one of hte 3 desktops of ARC. When you build the mobile interface, you can define the resolution of hte device you are designing for, so you can make it near the full resolution of your Windows tablet or laptop. All (or at least most) functions work in this "emulation", and it can take up most of the screen. This is actually the best of both worlds since there are still features only supported on Windows, and by using a Windows tablet, you have the easy controls of the mobile interface with all of the features available of the PC interface.



Many thanks for your effort. I am familiar with this function. The size of the mobile interface can not be changed and is 800x480. This is for me also completely sufficient. Unfortunately the version in Windows is not sufficient for me. I wanted to use a level for scripts, one for the control. The change in the mobile app is great done by script. I also find it more practical. In Windows, it's not that simple.

Perhaps EZ will implement a little more here. It's just a suggestion.

You just have to live with what you have. Thank you.


I was sure the interface size could be changed. I'll check when I get home and see if I can find the function. If not, then that is certainly something DJ should be able to add.



Sorry, I didn't get a chance to look at this last night. Tonight or tomorrow for sure...



Hey, no Problem. You are a great helper. Thanks


You are correct. The size appears to be locked. There is an area in the interface builder that looks like it should accept new resolution, but it is not editable, not can the object size be changed by clicking and dragging an edge.

@DJ, is this something that used to work and is now broken, a feature that was planned but not implemented, or am I mis-reading the purpose of displaying the width and height in the interface builder settings? With most mobile devices now having HD displays, and some having QHD, and even a couple having 4K displays, having this editable would be useful to better utilize screen real-estate, let alone supporting Stiko's great idea of using the mobile interface "emulation" screen in ARC on Windows tablets.



Long time i have wait for a answer from DJ Sures. I hope longer ;-)

Can you change this part from the ARC? I need 2 customize mobile windows for using my robot. One Window is to small for using in Windows and 2 are to large for one Desktop in my Screen.



The settings are hard coded to display the resolution for users creating images to know the default resolution ARC mobile uses on all devices.

The value is readonly to work across all mobile devices. This option will never be user adjustable, that would affect compatibility of mobile devices. Perhaps i can think of something in the future for tablet pc's.


Thanks for this statement. ;)


In the meantime, consider a plugin for your goal. All of the ARC Mobile Interface controls are usable by any plugin. The entire framework is open, which means you can build anything. For example, you will find all ARC Mobile Controls in the EZ_Builder.InterfaceBuilder.UC namespace...

The plugin architecture of ARC is probably the most powerful framework that you will ever find. The entire application and all resources are open, which means they are complete plug'n'play controls to build with.

Here is a snapshot of Object Explorer in Visual Studio of the ARC.exe application.

User-inserted image


I have a solution for you - stay tuned for the next ARC release


Ui, cool to hear this.

I'm curious.


yay, thats cool. thanks.