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Mobile Interface Emulator?

Is there a way to have the Mobile Interface work on my iPhone without having my phone take over the processing?

For example, I need to use my laptop because I need two EZB's bridged inside my robot and the mobile app will only control one. I need a mobile interface but can't have the phone take over processing. I was able to download Joypad from the App Store and it works as an Xbox 360 controller that IS recognized in EZB, which is awesome, but I really need to be able to create a custom control interface instead of buttons.

Just wondered if this was something others would be interested in and if DJ would make it!

To clarify, I need something on my iPhone that will allow me to interface with my laptop running EZB in order to fully utilize all the more advanced features so being able to access the mobile interface is really all I need. So it would be kinda like half the mobile app. lol

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ARC has two web servers available, basic and a more advanced custom one. Either can be used to do what you want.



I lost ya! Did I miss a tutorial? What is this magic of which you speak?


I'll post some links for you tomorrow. Not in front of a computer with ARC tonight.



Much appreciated. I'll do some digging too.


In the General tab of adding controls, there is an HTTP Server and HTTP Server (Custom).

The HTTP Server provides pages to view cameras, control a movement panel, execute scripts, and a remote desktop feature that you can use to see and interact with anything in your project:

The HTTP Server (custom) provides an example page to display camera, movement controls, and a couple of script buttons, but you can totally customize it if you know HTML and Ajax (I have not found a wysiwyg editor that can handle the ajax scripting)

See post 48 in this thread: for a custom HTTP I made for embedding a Foscam camera stream since ARC can't stream the Foscam and a bunch of custom script commands (just as an example of how to modify the sample page).




Thank you sooooooo much for that information! I had no idea! I'll dig into it tonight!

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This short thread useful too if you want to run your own web server and just send script commands to the ARC HTTP server (not the custom one).

If running on the same PC, your web server and the EZ-B will need to be on different ports.