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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Mobile App

Guys, I can't connect to the cloud on the mobile app. I can pick up my file from the local library but I just updated my EZ Builder file and loaded it to the cloud and I went to my mobile app and it won't connect to the cloud to get the new version. I tried connecting to my router Wi-Fi but could not connect to the cloud there either. It runs fine on the old version but I need to get the new version from the cloud. Any suggestions?


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did you update the mobile app?

your first sentence is 50% of the paragraph, it would help if you broke the sentence into smaller thoughts.:)
Sorry for the rambling. This is going to sound really dumb. How do you update the mobile app? I can't even find it in the app store.
1) visit www.ez-robot.com

2) click SOFTWARE from the top menu

3) Select Android from the list of available software packages

4) Download
Okay, I downloaded the app anew and I still can't reach the cloud. It says v2014.15.24. Is that the current version?
DJ, updating the app did the trick. Many thanks!