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Microsoft Lifecam Hd-6000 Issue

Hello to all. I have just bought a Microsoft Life Cam HD-6000. As a web cam, it works supper. I can zoom in and out with no problem. When I use it in ARC, it so far zoomed in its almost unusable. I can be 10 feet from the cam and my head fills the window. So tracking any kind of movement is impossible due to the tracking window is full of an image. Any suggestions? I have tried to reduce the resolution of the web cam in its own settings, but with no change. ARC has no issue using the HD-6000; it just can't be zoomed out. confused


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That's interesting , I'm pretty sure the software is.meant to use standard definition , so the software is cropping a image the size the software supports , I'm guessing but that could be 640x 480 and HDD can go up into 1700 ish horizontal lines. I would grab a non HDD cam with 2mp or below sensor , or that can use 640x480 as a native resolution. Maybe dj can come up with a solution. Any pics of your bot?


Thanks for the thoughts. I have tried it with an old Logitech quick cam and it work like it should. The only problem is the cam is so old, the image sucks and doesn't work well with low light. I don't have any pictures of my robot yet. I will see if I can take some while I build it. I am in between robots now. The last one was 24"Wx24"Lx24"H with 2- 18" 500watt direct drive wheels. She got a glitch and almost destroyed my house. She took off at 15mph across the living room, burning rubber across the carpet. The sonars didn't work right and the IR's didn't see the sliding glass door. Just before she went through the sliding glass door and into the pool, she dragged my laptop until it unplugged. That's when she stopped. Now I have a Jazzy power chair to use for the base. The gear drive motors will be a great improvement. If it will carry me around in the grass, it should carry all the hardware I need. I just have to reduce it size. I will look into finding another web cam. Thanks

Here is an update on my webcam situation. I just went out and bought a Logitech C110 NON- HD webcam and it works great. DJ, if you get the time you might want to look into this. It seems that the ARC software, full tilts the resolution of the Microsoft HD-6000 webcam. The resolution is so great that the Microsoft HD-6000 webcam had to be angled almost 45 degrees from center to see my face. I don't know what up with that. Well any ways I downgraded my webcam and all is right in the world. So to all out there, don't use a high-def webcam. Thanks for the help.:D


@airwave1206. Glad I could help , I was thinking a logitech would work , I thought I recommend it but after reading my post I forgot, Logitech does a good job of making sure stuff plugs and plays , for low.light you could buy a few IR LEDs and surround the camera or mount them somwhere else directed into the bots view. I'm doing illuminators myself because hallways and living room are dark.