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Microsoft Cognitive Vision Speaking French

I'm from France. I've tested the Microsoft Cognitive VIsion, it works well, but only with an english description.

How can I configure ARC or the plugin to have french answers ?
Thanks for your step by step answer, and sorry for my english !


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Thanks for these links but none of them explain how to configure Microsoft Cognitive Vision to format the answer of the description in french langage.
I've tried to find an answer on the Microsoft web site but I can't find any langage parameter tips.
Thanks for helping me.
Ok so the only way is to apply a translation to the $ variable returned by the api
Is anybody have an idea ? Perhaps installing a new api in windows but I have no idea of the way to do that
Thanks for a y answer
I am working to intégrate the Microsoft translate api in a plugin
When i come back from holidays i Will share i think
end of august

A Microsoft translate api plugin would be fantastic, let me know if you need someone to do some testing

I've been looking for a way to translate to Croatian and the Microsoft api sounds perfect
Super ! I can help you if U need
Where are you from ? Me near Chartres
I live near Brest
I have a first version of translate api integration which is working
I only need To intégrate the code in an ARC skill plugin
I Will do that when I Will come back from my holidays after August 10

Jean luc
Hi jean Luc
I'll be on hollidays at Trevou Treguignec between agust 12 and 19
Are you far from there ?
Meanwhile I can Guibé any help you need
I think there a solution by using the API-AI. There is a translation bot.
I'll try to use it in ARC.
I'll put my answer on this thread.
Plugin will be there before end of august
I just come back from holidays and working on it