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Microsoft Cognitive Face

I have been playing with Cognitive Face. It is working well and I'm having fun with it. My only issue is the face data and names are stored in the Cloud. I plan on using it with young children whose faces and names I don't want being exposed "out there".

Is there any way I can store the data locally? I prefer to keep it on my computer hard drive.



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No face images are stored in the cloud. The details of faces landmarks are stored one direction and cannot be reversed. Data cannot reconstruct a face, as there aren't stored images. This is data, not images.

This is a microsoft cognitve service, which you can read more about here:

There is no ability to run this service locally, as it's a microsoft cognitive service.

If you're looking to locally learn faces and objects, i recommend using The Robot Program and we have a great episode on this topic. Here is a link to the exercise:

Find more episodes at The Robot Program for working with children.

Have fun!


Thanks Dj, I will read the Microsoft Cognitive Service info. I will also try the tutorial lesson 106.

Jd and Antonn will be visiting a school and will asking kids their names. Jd or Antonn would then interact with them, for example doing Math as was posted in another post. A story will be read and the names of the children will be mentioned. The names and face s will be purged upon shutdown. The security of children's identity is important to this project. I would like to use standard hardware (EZ Robot Camera) which is easily available.



Quick update !

I went back to the basics and built a facial recognition script using the EZB camera in object mode. It works very well which should allow me to duplicate the functions I used with the Microsoft "Face". It even recognizes picture of faces on my phone, . The kids should enjoy it.

I must admit, I have forgotten many of the features the ARC Software offers, and how to use them. The hardware build portion of my robot building is beginning to slow down, so I guess I need to "go back to school". A lot to remember and re-learn. The Robot program seems to be the way to go. Thanks DJ ( and Professor E ) for an easy way to learn.


(and Antonn too!)