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Microphone Options For Bob - Any Success With Microphones

Just wondering what a good longest range mike option there would be for the robot.

Or should I get a good directional one.

I have a microphone input plug but have not used it yet.

Presently you have to be near him for him to respond. Guidence much appreciated.


:) :)


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The one on the Netbook is ok but you need to be within a meter to get a response.


If I had to do it, would try to connect an external microphone that connector and mount it on a screen of some sound-insulating material such as polyurethane foam and in turn they were isolated from vibrations with a flexible rubber mounts. These are just a few ideas, may also be needed to avoid filters Dewormers electrical noise in the microphone, a matter of evidence; mak:) :)

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Excellent.. Definately incorporate that..thanks r2d2..:) :) ;)


Presently have the guitar hero mike up near the head and the small speaker amp combo at lower front torso and getting minimal feedback. Now looking at housing speaker amp in a padded box so sound waves are directed mostly forward.


I will be attentive to their experiments, the microphone on the robot is a challenge and I think it will be the first to prove it! :)


Why is it you want the Mic to specifically be directional?