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Microphone Connection Question


I am making a Wall-e similar to DJ Sures, the only problem is, the microphone is not working. Everytime I try talking to it, it says something about: [delay]. If I go to the speech recognition window in ARC, there is a button that says I can setup my microphone. It says that there is none on the EZB v4, so I had to connect to the one on my webcam. After that I tried talking into the webcam, and the program cleary picked up an audio signal, but then it just proceeds to say something about [delay] again, and I tried reading all the commands loud and clear without any background noise. I am using ARC Version 2015.12.05.00.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Hefliny.

If you could supply more details about the "[delay]" message you getting, that my help us to help you better. But, I suspect the webcam mic your using is fine for normal usage such as video calling or recording your voice, but highly likely it's not sufficient enough to properly pick up you voice for speech recognition.

I wrote a speech recognition tutorial (link below) a little while back that may be of use to you, that talks about the ARC control, and general information about using speech recognition such as microphones and training Windows speech rec to understand you better.

Speech Recognition Tutorial