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United Arab Emr
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Micro Air Vehicle Communication Protocol+Ezb V4 Controller

dear friends
we are small R&D team doing humanitarian and environmental project in Africa
please watch our project


we are looking to represent ezrobot technology and product in Africa for learning -social innovation project that affect positively on rural areas

now we working on (agricultural robot project ) our team replace the embedded computer (raspberry pi) with ezb-v4 controller

so pleas we need help to :

1-communicate the ez-bv4 with serial communication to pixhowk(px4) autopilot from (3dr robotics )

2- inside the ez b software we need method(terminal etc) to use (MAV link ) protocol software communication between the ez-b and autopilot


AI Support Bot
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Hi there, you can create a plugin using this link: http://synthiam.com/Products/Controls/

*Note: There is an excellent tutorial which explains details to create a plugin. I would recommend providing that link to your programming team to follow.

Looks like a great project! Good luck!

PS, once you are ready to migrate from ARC to the raspberry pi, use the Mono package available in the Software tab. Your programming team will be able to migrate the ARC skill plugin code to the mono project.
United Arab Emr
dear dj sure

thanks alot for your replay
we will do our best to start command communication between the (ezb-v4 controller) and (px4 autopilot) but we are still new to ezb robotics
so pleas we need help from all experts and friends in this forum

i wish we can achieve large scale social & environmental project improves the Development of rural areas in Africa