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Meet The Irowe 4550, Neat, Little Robot With A Sweet 3D Printed Body.

Hi, I have designed a clever, pro little bot, its a small design with lots of cool functions. I have put a video link & my blog link too. Please leave a comment on what you think.


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United Kingdom
It wouldn't fit as my robot is very small. The body is cadcam designed & printed 3d. All the circuits are designed by me & are all surface mounted to keep it tiny. It only weigh's 222 grams.
There is a new much smaller surface mount EZB comming out soon,in one of the video's has the size very tiny .
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Well considering my micro is only 40mm x 35mm & toyally home made, hand soldered thats tiny. No chinese labour involved lol. I will research into ezb though. I program pic's & totally make all my own circuits on protious. This seems a nice forum.
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Don't become too attached to a mini board, nothing has been confirmed and I'm sure I read it had been cancelled.

Yes, research in to the EZ-B (Really these forums are only for the EZ-B and ARC/EZ-SDK, constant discussions about different controllers or only discussions about other controllers don't sit well as a few older posts demonstrate). It's a very powerful board while at the same time very simple to use and program. I don't know about you but I sure like the simplicity of being able to change a robot's behaviour that easily and revert back in just a few clicks (or one click does it).

If your platform is easily adaptable to fit the EZ-B I'd be more than happy to buy one from you (price dependant of course)
I know DJ the forum moderator if he saw this post it would delete it ,because this forum is only about projects using EZB ,not about any other processor
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My 3d print cost me £300! I use a print company. My micro cost 80 but its not like a ezb to program. To program it you need to read the datasheets, know the architectry of the the chip & circuit. Its proper raw. Sorry for being on a wrong forum! This is robotics at the rawest form lol
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If nothing else you show how "EZ" the EZ-B and ARC makes personal robotics:)
United Kingdom
I see this is more like a lego mindstorms platform in robotics. I did start with mindstorms years ago & it went from there.
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Ezb is great! I think I will buy a kit for ease. I however just brought a raspberry pi, man this is a good micro for robotics, but Linux I never bothered with so a whole new ball game for me
The new EZB mini is not cancel and it comming out in april,can check the info on the post i did from from it and DJ'S reply

Second i think is the same size as your board and cheaper and has hundreds of fuctions,speech,ipad, bluetooth and so much more to list.

PLUS mostly everyone looking to money thats why we buy broken toys and add EZB to it.

PLus your would be hard to program so it mostly does one thing and cant be changed like the EZB with fairly easy scripts.
DID i read the right 300 pounds is $454 ,wow thats a lot
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£300 for a 3d print is a good price! My micro board is only £40. My robot can be progremmed how ever you like. Also this is proper robotics! Do any of you guys make your bots from scratch?
Some of us do. We'll borrow motors from a donor bot, flash a CPU or MCU, buy a box of servos, IRs, etc read a data sheet or ebook. Write our own programs run them though a compiler, convert to binary for speed and then discover how robotics can be utilized quicker and integrated into more hardware components by using the EZ-B system.
United Kingdom
Nice! Thats cool. Like I said I'm interested in ezb cos its an amazing system. Its easier to make a bot & at the mo I'm getting frustrated with linux! Irrating raspberry pi! No info but just a command prompt. Honestly this day of age. I like raw but Linux is a raw thing all on its own.
United Kingdom
Have anyone looked into camera on the ezb?
Voodoo, I suggest you download ARC and run it.

As for your 3D printing experience, we have a big announcement and new ARC software coming out shortly. It contains 3D design components, as well as a CAD design built in. And as usual, the new ARC software will be backward compatible with the existing platform.:)

Everyone here builds a robot from scratch. Even if it starts as a toy - it's still customized by the individual. There is no reason to program microcontrollers anymore - this is 2013... Even less than a hundred years ago, carpenters stopped chopping down trees to make their own wood. Why do roboticists need to program microcontrollers anymore?

The whole goal is to create a robot... Not re-invent the wheel. That's why EZ-Robot exists.:)

Stay tuned for our upcoming press release - EZ-Robot is embracing the 3D Printer... and making it even easier to build your dream robot!
I think so many love to program microcontrollers,first is fun,plus it thier own code and not pre program by others.

BUT then there is many non programmers and where the EZB comes in.

One reason one of the biggest robot clubs there is in seattle ,only into programming micro's
tried to post about the EZB many times and seen others tell about it,but they still dont like it.

For me i love my EZB more then most of the guys here,but also love building other types of robots using other processors or operating systems.

I have a very long list of all types,but EZB WILL have the most,i have only 20 EZB right now and only takes 30% of my designs so need to buy another 40 to 50 more EZB

I hacking toys for robots ,but built many from scratch.
That's okay, that Seattle robot club can enjoy their little robots with distance sensors bouncing off walls - meanwhile, EZ-Robot users are having speech controlled, camera tracking, wii controlled, iphone controlled, remote controlled, artificial intelligence PandoraBots, GPS, etc, etc, etc, etc, featured robots:)

No one is impressed with a robot that bounces off walls with a distance sensor in 2013... Now, invent a time machine and visit 1985! You'll blow their socks off:)

Wait until you see Revolution:D
DJ yes i said the same thing i tried to tell them about your great design but doesnt do any good,since they have over 4000 members.

Main reason i love your design so many features and easy to make scripts.