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Map() Feature

Hey DJ,

Is there a map feature in ARC?

I have a voltage divider setup to measure the battery voltage and i would like to show the voltage on my Omnibot's LCD.

Now the value is 0-10v in stead of 5v so i would like to map the ADC value from 0-255(is 255 the max value of the EZ-B?) to 0-10v.


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The ez-b cannot accept any more than 5v. You can build a very simple voltage divider with a resistor. There is a post on here somewhere about doing that. If you give the adc more than 5v, it'll pop the chip.

There are details in the manual:)


Look at the 3rd paragraph,

I AM using a 1/1 voltage divider to measure up to 10v,

But then if its 8 volts, the EZB reports 4v. Now im looking for a script command to Map the values and send them to my LCD over serial.