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Asked — Edited

Maker Faire Anyone? Im A New Poster But Regular Reader.

Hi everyone,

I can't make it to the Maker Faire this year.


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Sorry to hear you are quitting robots..
Get married just make your robots smaller so you can hide them out of view
I noticed once I didn't have a girlfriend I was able to get a lot more done.
Ah. So I might be interested in the rad or Omnibot 2000 . Can you post pics? Are they complete or bits and pieces?
So if you sold the Omnibot 2000 it would have two motorized arms? Would you consider parting them? Email me wandered@gmail.com
Ooooh! I like the 6-foot tall one... Too bad you're too far away for me to swing by. *stress*

And we did used to chat once a week. Saturday 9PM Eastern, if I recall... But I guess I scared everyone away! *eyeroll*
Ok so that is for sure not my email. I don't know how that happened. Thank goodness I have the galaxy s3 phone now. It is much better than the note. My email is Kandyred@gmail.com
How much do you want for the Emiglio?