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Madame Ninndo Needs A Brain

Hello to All,

Back in October I built my Madame Ninndo Project. It was based on an old style cabinet fortune teller. I want to use it as a stand alone display at my friends farm store. In October I used my old Dell netbook to run the EZb and the audio.

My question is, can anyone give my advice as what I can buy, like a Rasberry Pi or a mini computer, or something fairly inexpensive, which can replace the net book? I also understand the add-on board which is coming out soon can allow me to directly connect from this computer or Rasberry Pi to the EZB. I assume I need a operating system of at least Windows 7. The audio can be driven thru the EZB.

My computer skills are very minimal, so this is also a consideration which needs to be considered. It must be simple and low cost.

Thanks in advance,

Ron R


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DJ, there are several mini PC's discussed in that thread. which one are you referring to?
In that thread, I provided a list of all the ones i purchased - and they are all wonderful.

The ones with the built-in battery are not as good because they get hot.

The best one was the one with the built-in screen.

Check the thread and look at my post where i listed the ones i purchased.
Ah, thanks DJ. Sorry. I guess I scanned through the thread too fast and missed that. I'll be looking for a powerful mini PC very soon for my B9 and have been interested for years about this knowing that one day I'd be buying one. The best thing about waiting this long is that the tech, power ans size has gotten nothing then better over time. :)