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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!

Lowest Voltage Specs

Just wondering if the EZBv4 could run as low as 5 volts on a voltage regulator 3 amp circuit taking input voltage from 12 volt SLA battery? Or what is the lowest voltage it could run if no servos are connected just a few signal outputs?

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Hey @Robo Rad,

The datasheet by ezrobot says 4.5V but you can go lower than that. I've used a single 3.7V LiPo cell to power an IoTiny (Sucky McSuckerton Live Hack). 

The only issue is that the switching power supply gets less efficient the lower the voltage is, the direct opposite of Linear regulators, and you'll get more audible noise on the speaker. You'll also get less current output on the 3.3V supply, other than that, it'll work.
Wow really? That is awesome! Thanks Jer!