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Lots Of Script Examples

HAZBOT, lots of script Examples in Examples. Also, read the SDK and regular Release notes.



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Thanks Moviemaker..Are you talking about the examples within EZ-Script ? from what I can see , these examples do not show how one script or command can connect to another to form a fun bunch of actions that your robot can do, If you mean the examples in the Cloud - yes, I've been putting a few in there..I find this whole subject frustrating and I'm a little miffed on the lack video script examples.

DJ's auto connect is a brilliant example of how this site could demonstrate how scripts work and help us have fun and a better understanding of our robots. No names mentioned but I have spoken to a few brilliant robot makers that have turned to RC simply because the ARC had no depth in easy to follow examples. I tried fluffing DJ with compliments on his auto-connect video to get more out of him but once again my beers gone flat.....but...wait...what we can do, if every time someone has a script and or a control question, try and solve it and once solved, feed that into the database cloud. That way we are building knowledge no just for us but everyone. Some will be better than others but it will give both novice and advanced useres an idea on how to get their robots to do things.

He is actually calling several scripts from a master script. Just look at the examples carefully. I think he has some good stuff there.

Thanks...I'm having a peek right now..cheers