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Looking To Sell A Upgrade Kit For The Roomba 4000 Series Robot

lot of are using a roomba 400 series with EZB and its a great platform for any type of robot design with decks or without,mostly go very cheap on ebay $35 average price
when you remove all vacuum motors,and parts you have a lot of room,plus 2 high current switches (1.5 amp) and 1 low current switch (500 ma) plus auto docking and charging ,total weight it can carry is little over 35 lbs

so i design and made a motor upgrade kit i am looking to sell soon
it will double the carry weight,has changes to main PCB and higher torque motors
szoon as i finish testing the themal and current protection and few other tests will be selling it


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Hi robotmaker, Do you still sale your Roomba motor upgrade kit?
I have the Roomba Create unit and I used it as my robot platform. However, it hardly moves. I need to squeeze more torque from my Roomba.
Another option I have is to forget about the Roomba and get an h-bridge and motors.
Yes still for sale,mostly it done except motor upgrade,should be ready in a week, and depends what you want deck on top or and in bottom ,dual battery design

Just the basic roomba without motor upgrade and top deck $45 plus shipping,i think about $15 more
for relay and control circuit,TOP DECK IS ABOUT $12 from zagro's its 12 inch round abs deck

If you use a H-BRIDGE on the motors ,.may not be able to track navigation or return to home base charger

Motors are longer.so i cut out a hole where the dust bin was,plus mosfets all 8 of them need higher power or 2 in parallel,plus current sense resistor needs to be change.

User-inserted image

inside brackets change a little using angle aluminium and it will have a abs plastic on top of the angle aluminium

User-inserted image

this one shows the deck mounted without standoff on the top and my itx box
only i have standoffs on the underneath it

i do have more then 5 complete without the motor upgrade

here is a photo with all my decks mounted and same one in my roomba project

User-inserted image
Very nice!
Can I do the upgrade to my Roomba Create? So all i need is the stronger motors and the pcb modification?
BOARD is about the same as roomba series,but i dont know if the motors will be able to be mounted
they are longer and same DIAMETER,so the length may be a problem and the wheels need to be on a lock position ,with the kit that comes with create package

I never open one yet,and i bought 2 of them too
Ok and what if I will cut the Roomba plastic cover? Can I replace the motors?
yes then should work,motors i found that had a much higher torque is the ones off roomba BRUSH motors,i think its RS385 motor also,i need to check
so all i need is to put this new RS385 motor instead of the originals?
yes ,plus put mosfets in parallel ,so you need 8 total plus 2 sense resistors in parallel
Cool. do you sell it or should I buy it from ebay? Also can you provide the schematics how/where to connect the mosfets?
i have a lot,on the circuit will how to draw a circuit,or you can buy higher wattage mosfets and just replace them,will get a part # for the mosfets
Sound good.
Do you have the upgrade kit on eBay?
not yet,i had the motos up on ebay,and forgot to put them up again,will relist them

SATERDAY night will work out the mosfets and part #,i know i dont have any in stock

o mostly get them from digikey,i buy about 25 to 50 at a time

SATERDAY night should have all the info you need
ok ,it uses 2 pnp transistors and 2 npn transistors new part #'s are MJE200G for npn and MJE210G for pnp,it will take about a week before i get them from digikey and on the resistor needed is a 3 watt 1ohm in parallel with R41 and R12 on pcb

the original part #'s are 2SB772 for PNP and 2SD772 for NPN
not being picky robotmaker but on the resistors at the top of the PCB next to the two H-bridges they are marked R41 and R112.
YES thanks you are correct,and not been picky
when i look at it fast it look like R12,been awhile sincei work on my design i have so many projects

Cant wait for march 28 NO more work ever,(might in 20 years go back to work) to get SS
Did you get the parts for the upgrade kit?
i think about monday will have them in,was order them tuesday

also order 50 each of each type,npn ,pnp and 3 watt resistor
ALSO made a small mistage on the first post about the 3 high current switches
its 2 500ma switch and one high current switch at 1.5 amps
great for torning on stuff like relays or power to the kinect like on the TURTLEBOT design,witch my base design is based off it,just only made it higher and another deck,i hate low height robots a little

i am getting the parts in today,

On the motor change i dont think you have a gear puller ,so i will replace the gear and cut the shaft,second it fits perfect in the housing ,but will need to make hole in the dust bin area.

And make it so the motor assembly wont move up and down (wheel lock)

will post photos on it.