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Looking For Ttc Hearoid Parts.

Hi there!
I am looking for a TTC Hearoid remote as well as a Heroid tray.
Please get back with me if you happen to have left over from your robot building project.


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United Kingdom
The tray is the same as the Omnibot tray other than the blue on the sticker if I recall correctly. I did see on ebay a while back someone selling replacement decals for the Omnibot, Hearoid etc. so you could possibly sort it that way.

Unfortunately my Hearoid come without remote, I haven't actually seen a remote for a Hearoid, seems they are something of a rarity.

I have a visor (condition could be better though) and pretty much all of the internal electronics, tape deck etc. if you need those but that's it.
Hi Rich!
Thanks for getting back!
I actually thought of you when I was thinking who in the world might have parts, haha.
I am also a collector, thats why I am actually looking for the tray with blue decals.