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Looking For Omnibot Or Robie Senior Hands.

I was just wondering if anyone had any extra Omnibot or Robie Senior hands they would like to sale, even if you just have one from either the right side or the left side they would do? Just asking, I have a robot project going and I need one. Been looking on Ebay, no luck :-{ Just thought I would see if anyone had one laying around :-}
Thanks :-}


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I believe I have a pair of arms
Hey :-} So would you want to sale them? I just need one hand.
Just the hand? Not the whole arm?
It seems like the whole arms would go well with your project.
Goodmorning :-}
Well I just bought a Robie Senior robot off of Ebay and its left hand, which is the one with the gripper you can open is broken. For what I am doing, I either need that hand or the other hand, but I suppose the hand that opens would be the better of the two. The arms are in great shape :-}