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Looking For Omnibot 2000 Part

I am looking for a part for my Omnibot 2000.It is one of the carry handles just below its head.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

There are two of them.I have the right one looking from front.My dog destroyed the left one.If any body has that I willing to pay a fair price + shipping. You can send me email at remyseman@msn.com.I can send payment via Paypal.Any help to get this part would be appreciated very much.


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Hi @rb550f Does it have to be injection molded or would a 3D printed version suffice? I know a few people here in the forum that may be able to help!
talk to Anthony-xlrobot... lol
yes i do want one set of carry handles..Do you have paypal ?i have paypal account you can request from remyseman@msn.com
OK sent payment.Thank you so much for your'e help....
@ Anthony:
I could really use your Omnibot hands/claws since mine dont have the rubber anymore - these faded while sitting underneath a heater for too long (pre-owner).
Pls let me know if these are still up for sale. Two hands would be perfect....
Hi, does someone has any replacement parts for omnibot 2000