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Asked — Edited

Looking For Omnibot 2000 Gears...Maybe Some Of You Dont Need Them Anymore

Hi there!

I know there is some of you out there upgrading and rebuilding Tomys vintage Omnibot 2000.

I am wondering if anyone of you have some parts and leftovers they dont plan on using anymore.

I am especially looking for gears of the motorized arm and a circuit board to get my robot which I had picked up at a local fleamarket working again.

I wish I had the knowledge to "pimp" the old, slow and loud motorized arm with new heavy duty servos but right now my studies dont allow me anything more than exchanging gears. So if anyone of you has some gears that are not needed anymore, Id be more than happy to use them to exchange my broken gears. Also the circuit board, since I have a German robot but a spare US remote.

Best regards,



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Hey Mike email me agian I can hook.u up with the gears and board you wanted I.just lost your email :). Kandyred@gmail.com