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Looking For Mini Itx Or Similar To Run Ez Builder

Hey guys,
Looking to buy a mini windows7 PC to include as an on board computer in one of my upcoming projects... Not really wanting a slow netbook, so does anyone got any recommendations for a light weight, low power consumption itx type PC or?



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Several people have reported great success with the Acer w3 Windows 8 tablet.

Advantage, full windows, not RT, but has built in touch screen, and you can pick them up on eBay for less than $200.

Disadvantage, you probably need to add a usb hard drive and a usb hub since the storage is very limited and only 2 usb ports (or is it one. I need to check the specs).

United Kingdom
The Acer W3 has one Mini USB (however comes with adapter), has 49Gb space, 31.2Gb is free after installing ARC and a few other (pretty large) apps... I'd say it was more like 35Gb before I added them. It can also hold a 64Gb micro SD card for additional storage.

I've been using mine with ARC for a week and it's had no problems, not even when running a whole bunch of scripts.

It does have it's disadvantages, the main one being the screen isn't the best. It's only really viewable from certain angles. Other than that it's done a great job. It's just slightly too big for Melvin otherwise I'd have picked up another for him.
I have actually been thinking about getting one for my big bot because the laptop I was going to use is 12 lbs (Panasonic Toughbook). I think the lighter weight would be advantageous.

Ha, ha... same reason for me too, Alan... I have a cf-19 toughbook... it's not 12 pounds, but it's still too heavy for my project(s)...